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guzzle's web store offering repair o-rings, seals, fuel bowl and HPOP repair kits, many that are not offered by Ford or IH.
An affordable aftermarket alternative to high priced dealer repair parts.


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RiffRaff Performance

RiffRaff Diesel Performance
Exhaust Systems, CCV kits and many Powerstroke accessories at discount pricing

Pete's filter covers

Pete's Filter Covers

Get more miles out of your filter



Engine, Drive Train and Fuel System modifications for performance enhancement

  • Crankcase Ventilation Modification (CCV Mod)
  • Stancor Glowplug Relay swap (Monster GPR)
  • Plenum Reinforcement Billet Inserts
  • 6637 Air Filter Cover by Pete
  • Filterminder install for 6637 Air Filter
  • Manual T/C lockup device (eliminate flashing O/D light in later7.3 models)
  • Coolant Bypass Filter (DIY)
  • BTS Valve Body (Brian's Truck Shop)
  • In-tank Fuel Mods aka "Hutch Mod"
  • Helper/Lift pump install
  • DP Tuner install
  • MBRP sound clips
  • Aux lighting wiring - control auxillary lights ON with High beams or BOTH High and Low
    written by "Jesus_man"



Brake, Axle, Hub, Engine Oil, Fuel system maintenance and upgrades

  • Fuel Drain Valve Leak Repair
  • Fuel Filter Change
  • Complete Fuel Bowl Canister Removal and Rebuild
  • Powerslot Rotors/Hawk Pads upgrade
  • Rear Seals and Parking Brake by "camodown"
  • Front Brake Caliper Lube 4x4 (with New Slide Pins)
  • Hub Needle Bearing Lube 4x4
  • 4x4 Autolock Hub Lube (Dissasembly of the Factory Hublock)
  • Dana 60 Fluid Change (front axle)
  • Sterling 10.5 Fluid Change (rear Axle)
  • Oil/Filter Change
  • NP Transfer Case Fluid Change
  • Exhaust Backpressure Sensor removal & tube cleaning
  • Camshaft Position Sensor (CPS) R&R
  • Up-Pipe Replacement by "Pocket"
  • Van Turbo rebuild by "bdrummonds"

Ford Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) listing

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